'Star Search' - The National Talent Show Taking Britain by Storm.

All money entered into this project goes towards funding for the Lewis-Manning Hospice, the new home for HopeFM and operations.

In Collaboration with:

We thank all of the wonderful people that share our vision and work with us steadily towards the momentous goals of saving lives and changing futures.
We thank all of the wonderful people that share our vision and work with us steadily towards the momentous goals of saving lives and changing futures.

A new kind of talent show that takes you on a journey to unlock your talent

Shooting Stars Events is proud to introduce ‘Star Search’ the next level in talent acquisition and the nation’s obsession to find, support, unlock and position Britain’s next high quality performers. 

With many great people across Britain joining us and a wide and proven expertise in film, music, performance & media, together with many stars and celebrities, Shooting Stars Events understand the industry and how hard it is to get over the rejections, the disappointments and find the right supportive people and environment where artists and performers can thrive.

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Calling all talent - We need you!

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a safe, supportive, professional and socially cohesive environment where performers and artists can thrive and audition in a space where under the guidance and specialist expertise of industry influencers and celebrities, can feel open and free to unlock their talent, innate or otherwise, so that their gifts and talents may be shaped, produced and given to the world.

Shooting Stars Events are very proud on this project to be collaborating with a special & outstanding group of contributors: ‘HopeFM, Lewis Manning Hospice, Hype HQ Reality Radio, Nine Star Productions, K Dragon Records & many other businesses, artists and agencies across Britain’.

Our Aim

Our aim is to raise the crucial funds needed at Lewis-Manning Hospice. The services offered at Lewis-Manning Hospice are free to patients and their carers. The NHS funds only a quarter of the care they provide. This means that they need to find the money for the care of 3 out of every 4 patients. The support of the local community is vital to the continuation of the hospice and the life changing work that is being done there. Whether you are an individual, member of a community group or part of a company, this is a great opportunity to save lives and give real and influential support to a life changing, needed and worth while cause which benefits all our futures.
We are also raising needed and pivotal funds for HopeFM who are in the process of moving into a bigger facility so that they can continue to do more of their life changing work. A constant friend and ally of the community in Bournemouth, HopeFM is a constant source of great, wonderful and inspired content that offers a voice to the unheard while giving a platform of inspiration to people of many talents, so that their messages and work can be broadcast and help other like minded individuals on their journeys to also overcome adversity, feel comforted and supported while knowing there is always a place to get help if they so need it.
The Shooting Stars team & its innovative performing arts academy have been very proactive leading the way for artists and performers in film, music and media at all levels of development to get valued and their due recognition. Having many global and influential contacts in the entertainment industry, the Shooting Stars team not only skilled in film and music production, but innovate media training systems focused on exponential growth, have global marketing PR channels that offer targeted exposure to our clients in the millions. Together with some of our other collaborators we are very happy to offer high value prizes to the top 5 talent competition winners, which will include a recording contract with a record label, a film role, TV & radio opportunities, global branding and exposure packages, introductions to influential agents and casting directors & much more...

The Final Show: 'A Star is Found'

Showing in Bournemouth

26th October 2019 at 19:30

Save the date. Box office open soon.

Audition Schedule & Details

How to audition:

Upload a video of your act to YouTube (2 mins max) and send it to hello@shootingstarsevents.co.uk

Include your name, phone number, address and date of birth, along with proof of donation using the button below.

All auditions will be viewed and feedback given. Successful auditions will be invited in person to the next live auditions.

We are excited to welcome on this fantastic journey.

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Take the first steps, imagine where you could be next year?