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Music Production

The mastery suite is where you have to be, the latest equipment are your toys. Whether you are a gifted professional who needs exposure and contacts to keep current or a novice who wants to learn the Star making process from the best. Sign up now to our free auditions and be interviewed by cutting-edge industry experts & celebrities. Shooting Stars Events, a global connector and innovator wants to unlock the best in you. Claim your future, The Star Factory.


Your dreams are important to us, having experts in the industries of Music & Film we know preparing you for success and getting the ‘ingredients’ right for when we put you in front of influencers, is key. We will will not let you down; our mission is to change the way the industry works with powerful innovations in this area and being persistent in positioning you for your high level career. Sign up to your free audition or call now.


£ 9997 per year
  • 3 Singing Gigs
  • 4 Magazine & Publication Features
  • 3 Radio Broadcasts
  • Global Branding Package
  • Global Image & Profile
  • Radio Promotion
  • Magazine Promotion
  • TV Appearance
  • Publishing


£ 2997 per year
  • All benefits of silver + gold packages included plus:
  • 1 Strategy Session /month
  • Prime Stage Time
  • Internal Networking Opportunities
  • Team Focused Strategy Positioning
  • Exposure Opportunities
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Promotion
  • Video Creation
  • Profile Enhancement


£ 1497 per year
  • All benefits of silver package included plus:
  • 4 x Strategy
  • Exposure Opportunities
  • Prime Stages
  • Promotion
  • Video Creation


£ 797 per year
  • Song Writing/Composition
  • Record Your Song In A Studio
  • Release A Song
  • Stage Craft
  • Performance
  • Discount On Some Products & Workshops
  • Access To Job Board

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