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Lighting Rental

At Shooting Stars Events we not only develop, execute and position your production for sale or theatrical release, but offer the best equipment rental at the best prices. Just email us your requirements and intended time scale rental and one of our production technicians will contact you to advise and give a quote.

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Tegra 4 Bank Kit
Astra 1x1
Astra Bi-Colour 1x1
Kino Flo 2ft
Kino Flo Celab 200
Diva Lite 401 Kit
Dedo Light Kit 3
Dedo Light DLED4-BI 40w LED Bi-Colour Kit
Arri M18
Arri Compact 2.5
Arri Arrilite 2000 Plus 2kw Blonde
Arri 2kw Blonde
Arri 1.2 Compact
4ft 4Bank KIT

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