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Grip Rental

At Shooting Stars Events we not only develop, execute and position your production for sale or theatrical release, but offer the best equipment rental at the best prices. Just email us your requirements and intended time scale rental and one of our production technicians will contact you to advise and give a quote.

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Freefly MOVI M15
DJI Ronin M
DJI Ronin
Easyrig 5 Vario + Serene
Egripment Universal Dolly
Key West Magic Dolly
MYT Works Glide Rail 4ft
Vinten Vision 250
Vinten Pro 5
Satchler Baby Legs 150mm Bowl
Sachtler Video 25
Sachtler Video 20
Ronford Baker
O'Conner 1030D
Vinten Vector 720
Vinten Vector 700
Sachtler Video 18
O'Conner 2560 Head
Sony BVM E250
SmallHD 702
SmallHD 502
Preston FIZ
Cmotion Compact LCS
Arri WCU 4 cforce mini
Arri SXU 1
Arri MFF1
Arri FF 4
Arri WCU 4
Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom
Arri SMB 1
Arri MMB 2
Arri MB 28
Arri LMB 25
Teradek Bolt Pro 3000
Teradek Bolt Pro 3000
Teradek Bolt Pro
IDX Endura HL9S
Anton Bauer Dionic HCX
Teradek Bolt Pro
IDX Endura HL9S

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