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Shooting Stars Events & Academy

Showing innovation in film and music by taking away industry rejections and disappointments and supporting, training and enabling, then positioning and empowering you in a successful, future abundant, and meaningful career journey in the specialised areas of Film Music and Events.

Sign up now to one of our protective and intensive media career, training and optimisation packages today – and get 10% off! Also register now for our free auditions on February 22nd & 23rd 2019 in the categories of: “Performance (Sing Dance & Act) “– “Film Production” – “Music Production” & “Events” .

Top optimised package
for media influencer’s
One payment £9, 997.

Top enhanced package
for media professionals
One payment £2,997
Or Alternatively £1,900
upfront payment and 11
payments £120 per

Top package for media
career building &
One payment £1,497 or
£800 upfront payment
and 11 payments of £80
per month.

Top package for media
career building &
One payment £797 or £350
upfront payment and 11
payments of £50 per month.

Shooting Stars Events and Academy the only company that supports, develops, positions and persistently
Puts you on the stage and in front of the most current influencers and decision makers in Film, Music and Events.

Shooting Stars (Academy) what wonderful benefits you get when you
join the “Star Factory”

Being highly experienced, in all areas of film, media and events, and with many success in all these areas,
Current and behind them, the shooting stars founders and their hard working and dedicated team were disillusioned about
how the business culture around the wonderful industries of Film, Music and Events was not only missing great talent that
was out there, but was offering to hard working and talented people – rejection and disappointments, disempowering them
rather than supporting, empowering and positioning the talents of current and potential artists and media professionals
correctly and with conscientiousness.

The science and formula’s of building your successful performance, production
career is here in the “Star Factory”!

Our successful, sophisticated, fully protective and supportive eight step process has been engineered specifically to take
away industry rejection, unfairness and disappointment while enabling, supporting and positioning you towards a successful
career in the chosen areas within your industry. We turn your talent into the career that you have always dreamt of.

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