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Welcome to The Shooting Stars Events/Academy "The Star Factory"

What if you had a highly skilled and experienced collective group of people that understood your disappointments, your challenges, your frustrations and were commited and focused to solving your problems and supporting you through the film and music industry maze. And these people highly connected and influential believed in you, understood your mission, knew what it took to reach your vision and could provide the necessary shortcuts, skills, training and could open the necessary doors that would ensure your success? 

We the experienced and accomplished team at Shooting Stars understand your needs, wishes and frustrations, and because of these industry needs this collection of proven industry experts banded together working tirelessly from many different specialised areas of the industry to build the conducive environment where artists could be fulfilled, completing their mission of high levels of performance, and be positioned and aligned successfully with their vision within the industry, achieving their targets and goals.

Let us show you your dream, enable you to possess it, then position you successfully in the right ways so it will always be yours.

Steve new

Stephen Gillen


A globally successful entrepreneur, Stephen Gillen is an award-winning international public speaker and film-maker. He is a successful author, director and producer. His documentaries have been viewed in over 140 countries worldwide. There has been wide global media coverage on his work and life journey.  On the 29th May 2019 Stephen had the great privilege of being nominated by the UK Peace Ambassador for the ‘Sunhak’ International peace prize and works closely on many innovative, global & humanitarian initiatives.

Stephen’s goal for this year is to empower young people to fulfil their potential in the industries of film and music through the Shooting Stars Events and Academy. He is extremely passionate about charity work being involved in helping the homeless, supporting MacMillan Cancer UK and as an ambassador for Empower Billion Women, which aims to empower a billion women by 2020. 

As the CEO of Shooting Stars Events and Academy, Stephen’s working day schedule is very tight. He works on the marketing, branding and IT aspects of the business. He is a great strategist and regularly attends meetings all the way from morning through to the night. He is driven by his desire to encourage people to transform their lives from great adversities and enable them to “be the best version of themselves”.

Stephen Gillen is objective, flexible and diligent, his greatest strength is putting teams together to realise the vision of an idea and making it into reality. Stephen has an extensive track record in the industries of film, music and business having been an author, scriptwriter, screenwriter, copywriter, business coach, director and producer of documentaries.

According to Stephen: “Humility and gratitude are the cornerstones that shape us into the person we want to be.” Stephen has utilised this philosophy throughout his career because of his altruism and willingness to work with people to fulfil their true potential, harness their authentic voice and develop as hard working intelligent individuals.

Stephen has a mix of interesting hobbies including martial arts training, especially aikido and UFC, as well as listening to opera and classical music, enjoying food, hearty conversation and learning new things.


Daphne Diluce

events/management & brand director

A highly and globally successful interior designer and branding expert, Daphne Diluce is multilingual and has built many successful businesses. She also has broad media experience having been Tom Jones’ PA for several years. She is a strong and endearing individual who will go the extra mile to achieve the highest standards throughout her accomplished career having worked internationally on projects in London, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Düsseldorf and California. Her outstanding work in design and creativity has been highlighted on TV, in newspapers, in trade magazines and voted to having one of the top ten shops in Düsseldorf.

Daphne’s personal motto is: “A design and brand story without love is not worth telling.” Using her wealth of experience, she aspires to transform the industries of film, music and design and for Shooting Stars to become a household name globally.

Building strong frameworks to drive rapid growth for the internal team and external customers is a goal that Daphne wants to achieve this year as the Brand Manager of Shooting Stars. She believes through empowering others, she can change the worldwide entertainment industry.

Daphne’s business day starts very early in the morning and it is pretty much jam-packed throughout having to attend a number of meetings, also she is busy writing, creating designs, driving a lot across the country and coaching business strategy.

In her personal life, Daphne enjoys a variety of interesting and unorthodox activities such as martial arts, dancing, painting, swimming and also fire-walking. She is a patron of Battersea Dogs Home and she also deeply cares about families, children, men and women helping them to grow and develop their professional abilities.  

She wants to make a difference in the lives of everyone across the world with her design and media work and to become an icon for design and branding.

Daphne has a desire to start speaking to audiences globally to inspire people around the world. Another fabulous goal that she strives to achieve this year is presenting and producing TV programmes or documentaries.


David Rothwell

advertising/IT Director

David Rothwell is the Google Ads Money Expert and author of ‘The AdWords Bible for eCommerce’ and co-author of the Amazon #1 best-seller ‘Sales Genius#1′.

His tremendous success in e-commerce is the fruition of twenty years experience in the IT industry including Olivetti UK, Hewlett-Packard, and KLA-Tencor Corporation. He has been a certified Google Partner since 2005, with 13 years digital sales experience.

David has a desire for continuous self-improvement as he really enjoys reading fiction and self-development business books. He is interested in music having attended a huge amount of concerts from 1976 and professes to have kept all concert tickets since. Travelling is another passion of his, he has recently visited Romania, Spain, USA, Singapore and Australia. Some interesting hobbies that David pursues are playing badminton, which he has done weekly at league level for over 40 years, and also ice skating to a very good level.

His personal motto is ‘Eliminate, automate, delegate’, demonstrating his wide depth of knowledge in terms of understanding the internet and how marketing can help people succeed in developing their own personal and business branding.

The role models he aspires to are key people in the internet and technology industries, namely Steve Jobs due to his ability to create innovative ideas, as well as the creators of Google – Sergey Brin and Larry Page because in David’s view they have changed our lives forever for the better.

A typical day for David would include meeting with clients, working on his products and marketing services as well as figuring out new innovative ways to create value for businesses and consumers.

David’s goal for the current year is to help businesses grow and attract more customers that will benefit the company involved and himself.

He is passionate about charity causes, which aim to help with children’s education, women’s rights and amazingly he is concerned about preserving precious resources, such as water.

David wishes to be remembered with respect and affection: “I’d like people to think I made an important and useful contribution to their lives and work.” This exemplifies David’s caring attitude towards his clients helping transform the lives of people in improving themselves and their businesses.


Ben Owusu

Head of Film Production

Ben Owusu is a UK film director and Business Consultant. Ben majored in Film and Television Production at Middlesex University London. Ben has provided creative directorship and oversight for various media productions and is a passionate in achieving excellent standards in production. Ben is an excellent team leader who has lead several talented teams on a wide range of projects and campaigns and has been described as one of the rising film directors in the UK.


Sophie Rotenberg

Senior Performing Arts Manager

Sophie Rotenberg is the Senior Performing Arts Manager at Shooting Stars Events and Academy. Her role includes overseeing the collaboration of TV channels and Radio stations to work with Shooting Stars in helping clients to establish contacts with influential experts in the entertainment industry. From her challenging experience in the field, Sophie uses this incredible opportunity to lead people in making the right decisions for their career aspirations and to avoid disappointment from unreliable sources.

Sophie is an actress and has over a decade experience in the industry having landed roles in Downton Abbey, Eastenders and Cinderella The Movie. She has worked with the likes of Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise.

Her interest in the extreme dates back some thirteen years when she had the ambition to become a stunt woman. Sophie regularly participates in adventurous sports, such as snowboarding and jet ski racing.

The actress Meryl Streep is someone that Sophie admires due to her versatility and hard work throughout her long and successful career.

Sophie Rotenberg is a keen advocate of mental health charities including MIND. She has worked at the charity assisting people who are having mental health issues as she believes that there is still a great deal of misunderstanding and ignorance towards psychological conditions.

A noble cause that Sophie deeply cares about is saving the planet and believes people should be more wary of choosing products, which could potentially lead to increasing climate change.

A normal day in Sophie’s life consists of having meetings with film producers, directors and writers. Another interesting aspect of her daily life includes learning scripts for TV, film and radio work.


An incredible ambition of hers is to write and produce her own feature film because she believes her powerful message will empower people across the world.

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