Take your media, personal & business brand to the next level!

Having built countless global business & personal brands in many diverse industries, Shooting Stars Events are experts in delivering film & music production, profile development & global PR, marketing and IT solutions.

Putting you persistently in front of media influencers and decision makers getting you more work and paid more.

Get the modern drivers in your business that make the difference.

Hello. Are you waiting to be found?

Having very successful global entrepreneurs, innovators & pioneers amongst our team, we know that taking the right controlled actions at the right time, being flexible and open to the right innovations, and being courageous and conscientious to the important details are crucial in present and future success.

One of the reasons our initiatives are so successful is because we are not only innovators in the industry and highly skilled and experienced in its problems, but we are conscientious and focused to our clients needs in a supportive and focused way that ensures elevated results. 

Film, Business and Music Innovation.

In today’s world how visible we are, how we look, how we position and how we communicate our message, product or service to the world is pivotal to our business success. 

We are experts in defining, producing, communicating & selling you and your business to the world.

Why are you waiting?

It is important to clearly understand that in business as in life when we do the same we can expect only the same results!

Work with our proven, specialist executive team to find the bespoke package that suits your business, production or brand. For once and for all, get the winning formulas that get you more of the right clients, get you more work and more importantly get you paid more.

Giving the needed support and services to tomorrow's stars in film, music, media and business.

The world's leading edge in business and media services

Offering your needed high quality, pivotal and integral business & media services – have the option of working closely with our award winning team, get the ingredients right in your world, make an impact and fuse together with cutting edge initiatives your global business & personal brand frameworks.

Let’s get started…

Specifically tailored, bespoke high quality media & business services including: film and music production, music video production, global branding and marketing packages, business development, PR & profile development, TV & radio exposure slots, book & magazine publishing.

Shooting Stars Events working closely,  globally and consistently in the fields of film, music and business with many illustrious industry influencers also has a star package which can include specific and personal introductions.

Learn where the money is, get valued correctly and monetise your work quickly.

Start your journey & make the difference in your life.

Work quickly and meteorically towards your goals, milestones & targets with the expertise and support you need and deserve.

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